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Planning and Development

Community planning is aimed at identifying common community goals and balancing competing interests. The County of Hastings Official Plan contains goals, objectives, and policies to manage and direct future growth in the Municipality of Hastings Highlands with a policy framework to guide its organization and development. The Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw is a policy tool that implements the goals and objectives set out in the Official Plan.

The Planning Department reviews proposals and applications, and makes recommendations to Council and the Committee of Adjustment for planning applications and matters in accordance with Ontario’s Planning Act.

The Planning Department is an integral part of the process for landowners purchasing Shore Road Allowances and entering into Development Agreements with the Municipality.

Before any development can occur on a property, a landowner is required to have a 911 number to ensure emergency services are able to locate the property and the entrance is built to certain standards. The Entrance Permit is available on the Roads Department webpage.

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