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What is zoning?

Zoning is a tool that regulates the use of land, such as the proximity of industrial sites to residential homes.

The Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw is a policy tool that implements the goals and objectives set out in the Official Plan.

You can learn more from the Province's Citizen's Guide to Land Use Planning.

What is the zoning of my property?

You can check the zoning for your property by following these steps:

  • Go to GIS & Mapping – Hastings County (or copy-and-paste this link into your internet browser’s address bar:;
  • Then go to the map titled “General Public Zoning Applications”;
  • Click the map in the top right corner and check off “Zoning: Hastings Highlands”
  • Then type the Civic Address or Assessment Roll Number in the “search bar.”
  • Law Offices requesting a Zoning Compliance letter, please see below. 

Once you have determined the zoning of your property, you can refer to the Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw to check permitted uses, setbacks and other standards and requirements.

You can view the Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw on the Municipality’s Bylaw Directory webpage.

Zoning Compliance Request

A Zoning Compliance Letter is a request submitted to the Municipality to confirm the zoning of a property and if there are any active building/septic permits, inactive building/septic permits, applications under the Planning Act, or work orders on file for a property.

A request for a Zoning Compliance Letter shall be submitted by the owner or the solicitor acting on a sale.

You can submit a request Zoning Compliance Letter on the Municipality's Tax Certificate and Other Compliance Requests webpage.

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