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Committees and Boards

Council Appointments for the 2022-2026 Term

Committee Name: Committee of Adjustment
Member(s) Appointed: Roger Davis, Joan Nieman, Tony Fitzgerald  
Members of the Committee who are members of a municipal council shall be appointed annually
Bylaw 2024-008 A Bylaw Constituting a Committee of Adjustment
Bylaw 2024-009 Appoint Members to Committee of Adjustment
Bylaw 2023-088 Committee of Adjustment Terms of Reference
- Agendas and Minutes for the Committee of Adjustment
- Schedule of Meeting Dates in 2024 for Committee of Adjustment

Board Name: Hastings Highlands Public Library Board
Member(s) Appointed: Nancy Matheson, Joan Nieman
Bylaw 2023-032 Appoint Members to the Hastings Highlands Public Library Board

Committee Name: Property Standards Committee
Member(s) Appointed: Nancy Matheson, Tracy Hagar, Tony Fitzgerald (Ex-Officio)
Bylaw 2024-016 Appoint Members to the Property Standards Committee

External Committees

Name: Municipal Economic Development Partners Group
Member(s) Appointed: Keith Buck, Tracy Hagar (Alternate)
Bylaw 2023-024 Appoint Members to the Muncipal Economic Development Partners Group

Committee Name: Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance Committee
Member(s) Appointed: Roger Davis
Bylaw 2023-027 Appoint a Member to the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance

Committee Name: Bancroft and Area Community Policing Advisory Committee
Member(s) Appointed: Keith Buck
Bylaw 2023-029 Appoint a Member to the Bancroft Area Community Policing Advisory Committee

Board Name: Municipal Dog Pound Board
Member(s) Appointed: Tammy Davis, Roger Davis (Alternate)
Bylaw 2024-011 Appoint Members to the Municipal Dog Pound Board
Municipal Dog Pound Board Agreement

Committee Name: Emergency Management Program Committee
Current Mayor: Tony Fitzgerald
Bylaw 2024-020 Emergency Management Program and Emergency Response Plan

Committee Name: North Hastings Economic Development Committee
Member(s) Appointed: Keith Buck
Bylaw 2023-056 Appoint Members to the North Hastings Economic Development Committee

Substitution Bylaw – Alternate Member of Hastings County Council (Bylaw 2022-082)

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