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Customer Service Requests, Complaints and Compliments

The Municipality of Hastings Highlands is dedicated to providing our community with ‘Exceptional Service and Governance’ by providing consistent, timely, courteous and respectful service at every point of contact and with every interaction. We have implemented a ‘Customer Service Strategy’ designed to foster and support the needs of our residents, business owners, visitors, tourists, investors and stakeholders.

Our ‘Customer Service Strategy’ includes the following policies:

1. Corporate Customer Service Standards Policy 
2. Bylaw Enforcement Complaints Policy
3. Corporate Complaints Handling Policy 
4. Handling of Unreasonable Customer Behaviour 

Submit a Customer Service Request

Submit a Customer Service Request (CSR) to report a:

  • Pot hole
  • Downed Sign, Light or Tree
  • Parking Complaint
  • Bylaw Infraction
  • Blocked Drainage Culvert etc.

A CSR can be submitted online, in-person, by email or by phone.
You will receive a notification acknowledging receipt, a case number and a notification once the CSR is closed.  

Submit a Complaint

A complaint can be submitted to the Municipality when a citizen believes the Municipality has not provided a service experience to the customer’s satisfaction, and only after a Customer Service Request has been processed (if/when applicable).  

The Municipality's Corporate Complaint Handling Policy outlines how complaints are handled in each of the following scenarios: 

  • Complaints Regarding Municipal Employees
  • Complaints Regarding Members of Council/Committees and Local Boards
  • Complaints Regarding Closed Meetings of Council
  • Complaints Regarding Bylaw Violations/Infractions
  • Complaints Regarding Municipal Services, Facilities or Programs

Learn more about submitting a Complaint.

Compliments and Feedback

The Municipality recognizes the value of public input and seeks feedback and compliments to ensure continuous improvement. Compliments/feedback can be sent to the Municipality by:

  • Email to [email protected]
  • In person at the Municipal Office
  • By telephone (613) 338-2811

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