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Property Tax Calculator

Tax Class Information (2024)

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This application uses the Municipality of Hastings Highlands Council approved local tax rates, the County of Hastings tax rates and tax rates established by the Province of Ontario for education purposes.

The amounts shown on the Calculator are estimates only. Final tax amounts are mailed or emailed out annually in July each year and may vary slightly from the amounts illustrated in the Calculator. Due to the various tax rates in the Municipality, the complexity of tax calculations, tax policy and provincial legislation, the Calculator does not include the following:

  1. Capping as legislated by the Province.
  2. Local Improvements and associated administrative fees
  3. Special area rated services
  4. Various tax rebate programs
  5. Any adjustments to taxes such as ARB’s, 357’s, Minutes of Settlements, Supplementary Taxes, etc.

Disclaimer: The Municipality of Hastings Highlands cannot be held responsible for any legal liabilities arising from the use of the Calculator as it is an estimator only. For more information, please contact the Municipal Treasurer.


  1. Please note that the Calculator is a property tax calculator for demonstration purposes only and does not include any additional charges or credits that may be applicable to the subject property.
  2. The tax rates used in the Calculator are for the current taxation year. The tax rates are updated annually upon passing of the tax rate bylaw.
  3. Any questions regarding your Current Value Assessment should be directed to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) as they are solely responsible for determining the Assessment value of all properties in the Province of Ontario. They can be reached at 1-877-474-1224.

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