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Property Tax Rates and Forms

Municipal Tax Billing 2024

Once the annual budgets (Municipality of Hastings Highlands, Hastings County and Hastings School Boards) are completed, the annual tax rates are then compiled and applied to the property assessments, as set out in the Provincial Regulations which require the County (Upper Tier) to establish any required tax policies; and which determines the property owner’s taxes for the current year.

Interim bills are sent out February 2024 and final in July 2024.

If you have not received your tax bill by the end of February (Interim Tax Bill) or the end of July (Final Tax Bill), please contact our office.

There is penalty and/or interest added on the 1st day of each month at a rate of 1.25%. You must make sure the payment reaches our office before the due date.

Tues March 19
Tues May 21
Tues Aug 20
Tues Oct 22

Please Note:
-Tax Bills are payable on their due dates.
-Interim Taxes (March & May) are based on 50 % of last year’s Taxes.
-Final Taxes (August & October) are based on current MPAC Assessment & Current Municipal, County, and Education Tax Rates

All ratepayers who are on Pre-authorized Payment Plan have monthly payment amounts change in January for the first six months and will have in July for the next six months. No notification is given prior to the payment amount changing in any given year.

Municipal Tax Billing and Collection Policy

Hastings County Tax Relief Program

Hastings County is charged with establishing a host of policies and programs that impact the levying and administration of property taxes. One such responsibility is prescribed by Section 319 of the Municipal Act, 2001 (The Act), which mandates a program whereby low-income seniors and low-income persons with disabilities are able to seek financial relief from year-over-year increases in their property tax burden. This webpage has been prepared to summarize the basic structure, requirements and options surrounding this program as well as the specific model represented in the by-law.

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