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Boat Launches and Fishing

Boat Launches

  • Dock Road (Hershel) - Map
  • North Baptiste Lake - Map
  • Old Diamond Lake Road - Map
  • Salmon Trout Lake - Map
  • Graphite Lake - Map
  • Hinterland Beach - Map
  • Big Point Papineau Lake - Map

Invasive Species Prevention

Clean Equipment Protocol for Industry - Summary:

Invasive species are plants, animals and microorganisms that have been accidentally or deliberately introduced into areas beyond their normal range, that out compete native species. Invasive species are a major threat to Ontario's natural areas, and are very costly to deal with once established. 

Invasive species can be spread to new areas by contaminated mud, gravel, soil and plant materials on vehicles and machinery.

The best practice is to prevent the spread of invasive species. By inspecting and cleaning equipment and following some simple guidelines, the risk of spreading invasive plants is greatly reduced.

Inspecting and cleaning equipment for the purposes of invasive species prevention

For more information on invasive plants in Ontario, visit,,,or

Email: [email protected]

Record and report sightings of invasive plants:


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