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Vendors (Goods, Wares or Merchandise)

You need a vendor licence to set-up a temporary business in the Municipality to sell handcrafts, produce and vegetables, food, new and used goods, wares or merchandise for sale.* 

The licence term for vendor licence is one (1) month, three (3) months, six (6) months and twelve (12) months (not available if operating on Municipal Property)

*A vendor licence is not required to operate a garage sale, yard sale or patio sale in the Municipality of Hastings Highlands.

How to Apply for a Licence

Please complete the Vendor Licence Application and Agreement with the corresponding fee and submit it to the Municipality:

By Email
[email protected] 


Municipality of Hastings Highlands
33011 Hwy 62 
Maynooth, ON K0L 2S0
Ph: 613-338-2811 

General Business Licence Requirements (Vendor, Mobile Food Vendor, Public Market)

Business Licence applicants are required to submit the following list of general requirements to the licensing officer for processing: 

  • A complete Business Licence Application for a Vendor, Mobile Food Vendor or Public Market as applicable
  • The applicable fees in accordance with the Municipality’s User Fees
  • certificate of insurance as provided for in Appendix ‘A’ of the Municipality's Business Licence Policy to this policy
  • If the Applicant is a corporation, a copy of the Certificate of Status and a list of the names and addresses of the current Licensing Officers and officers of the corporation
  • If the Applicant is a partnership, a list of the names and addresses of the partners and, if a registered partnership, a copy of the registered declaration of partnership, and any changes or corrections thereto
  • Proof that the Applicant is an Adult 

Vendor Licence - Additional Requirements 


Item Term of Business Licence - Fees HST (Yes or No)  
Vendor (Good, Wares
or Merchandise)

One Month Licence: 
Resident - $8.33
Non-Resident - $16.66

Three Month Licence: 
Resident - $25.00
Non-Resident - $50.00

Six Month Licence:
Resident - $50.00
Non-Resident - $100.00

Annual Licence (Not Available if on Municipal Property)
Resident - $100.00
Non-Resident - $200.00



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