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Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024

As the moon aligns perfectly between the Earth and Sun parts of Ontario will experience temporary darkness. Use the advice below to stay safe during the eclipse.It is not safe to look at the Sun without eye protection.

It is important to NEVER look directly or indirectly at the sun throughout the duration of the eclipse. Viewing the eclipse without proper safety eyewear may cause damage to your retina. Regular sunglasses, no matter how dark, are not safe. In the event you do experience adverse reactions from the eclipse, please contact your eye care physician or Health 8-1-1.
For more information about viewing the eclipse in Ontario, visit the Canadian Space Agency's website for more information.

How can I prepare?

There are a number of ways you can ensure you are ready for the total solar eclipse. 

  • Make sure you have proper ISO certified solar eclipse glasses from a reputable vendor or a safe handheld solar viewer. Check out Helpful Resources section below for a list of solar eclipse glasses vendors and solar viewer resources. 
  • Plan your viewing location in a safe, unobstructed area, close to your home. Please avoid areas near fast-moving water, dams or other hazards. 
  • Ensuring you have taken care of any errands ahead of time (grocery shopping, etc.) to avoid potential traffic caused by an influx of visitors who may be coming to the city on the day.
  • Consider downloading the What3Words app if you plan to view the event somewhere where it may be difficult to describe your location. This could help emergency services locate you should you need assistance.

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