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O.P.P. Release Public Service Announcement for Hunting Season

A Public Service Announcement has been released by the O.P.P. in regards to this year's hunting seasons.

Constable Brian Goodwin reminds everyone to use common sense when hunting.

There can be legal repercussions to anyone who does not follow the laws.

"With hunting season for many types of game already underway or opening in the coming weeks, police want to remind people of the importance of adhering to firearm safety regulations.

Remember that it is illegal to possess a loaded firearm in a vehicle or motorboat. You must unload and uncase firearms in your possession during the period from a half hour after sunset to a half hour before sunrise.

It is illegal to shoot from, down, or across a public road and in many areas it's unlawful to have a loaded firearm within eight metres of the roadway.

And please avoid carrying a visible firearm within town limits or populated areas.

With caution and common sense we can make sure this fall hunting season is safe for everybody"